Friday, October 22, 2010

This article I chose for my blog because it sort of describes where I'm at right now. I am single and would love to meet someone special but am not actively seeking for a partner. I want to love someone but I don't need them to love me back or at least not as much as before. Taking the time to be on my own for now is never a bad thing, and lots of introspection and reflection is a healthy byproduct from this time of solitude. Be careful though, when you start to really feel comfortable being with yourself, you may never need to depend on someone else emotionally ever again! As Katie Freiling would say, we have an infinite number of roses, and if we receive one from another person it is of course flattering and nice, but not something we need because we have an infinite amount. And there is no fear of giving away too many of our roses because there is an infinite supply. That is the key to life I think, being able to share yourself with everyone without the fear of being taken advantage of in some way. To love yourself and become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Take care and enjoy :)

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